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There are many young people, who desire to became stewards or stewardesses, people who love traveling to distant countries, cultures and people, who love the sound of engines and romantic views. There are many airlines they can decide from, but how is it to fly for Europe’s most favorite airline Ryanair? Ex-Ryanair stewardess Alex talks about her 2 years experience of flying for this European airline. 

Who is Alex? Alexandra Kováčová was born in Snina, Slovakia and since she was born, she knew, that she loves traveling. She made traveling the reason of her life and her motto is „I live to travel, I travel to live“. Alex runs her own successful travel blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler with many breathtaking stories to read. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I live to travel, I travel to live.

1. How long have you been working for Ryanair and why have you decided to work right for them?

1970590_10152055978451958_1730520361_nTo be honest, it was just „coincidence“. I had my final exams and tests from Spanish and English. The professor had to leave for the certain period of time, so I had to find the job, while waiting for him. Absolutely the first job offer I found was from Ryanair – they were looking for cabin crew members. It was more like the dream of my mother, who ever wanted me to be an stewardess and somehow it just happened. I’ve been working for 2 years and around 2 weeks for them, just to have 2 years experience in flying, in case I would have ever wanted to do this job again.

2. There are people who love Ryanair and they’re those, who hate them. Can you explain why?

Who love them? (laughing) Ryanair does not have a good reputation and there are a lot of extra charges for any additional service. Flights are relatively cheap, so unfortunately, passengers act cheaply, as well…Therefore, there is a lot of negative energy between passengers, us – stewardess and employers of the airports . This is how I see it.

Alex (on the left) with her international colleagues on board.

3. Before you’ve started flying, you’ve been through the training course. Was is hard to pass it and do you have any certification, that allows you to work as cabin crew again, in the future?

As I said, now I have 2 years experience, so I can work in any other company. Although, companies use different type of planes and rules may be different, as well, so I would have to do the course again. The training course itself lasts 6 weeks and I did it in Prague, Czech republic. The whole training was in English and we had some tests almost every day, whether practical or theoretical. It wasn’t difficult for me to pass it, since I memorize things easily and have photographic memory and there was a lot of stuff and terms to learn.

Alex studying for exams on the airplane evacuation sledge.

4. Each steward and stewardess have their base, which is the airport, where they leave from in the morning and come back in the evening. What airport was your base?

I was based in Prestwick, Scotland during the first year. The next year I moved to Brindisi in Italy. I wanted to be based in Spain, but sadly, I didn’t got there. I was said, that I could be waiting few years to be relocated, so instead of Spain I asked to be relocated to Italy, to live close to the sea and don’t feel cold. Mostly, it depends of luck, some people get their desired base, some don’t. The most important thing is not to rely on your luck, but to try to spend the time as best as you can at the place, where you are at the moment.

The most important thing is not to rely on your luck, but to try to spend the time as best as you can at the place, where you are at the moment.

5. Was it possible to travel, even though you slept in the same bed every night?

Sure! I have been traveling for all the time, during my days off. When you work for Ryanair, you work 5 + 2, then 5 + 3. It means five days of work, then two days off, five days of work and three days off. On my three days off I’ve always traveled to see my friends all over the Europe, or wherever, where the flight tickets cost cheap. And mostly, I’ve traveled even during my two days off and that was the reason, why they called me „crazy sexi fun traveler“ at the airport, because it fit me well. And that’s how the name of my blog was born.

6. During these 2 years you’ve met many people. Could you sum all Ryanair passengers in one group, that would have described them well? 

I don’t think so, I don’t like to generalize. Lot of them have acted disrespectfully only because of the flights were cheap and I think it is pity, because right us, stewardesses were those, who had to deal with them and bear their acting. Few things I’ve realized was that British people had more health issues on flights and drunk more, but there were no problems while boarding. On the contrary, Italians were more noisy, they’ve been overacting and it took them much more time to take the seat. They were healthy and usually haven’t been spending much money on board and acted disciplined.

With Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair.

7. Have you had any bad experience with passengers, what you would like to share with us?

Once in a while yes, but it is normal, nothing serious. As we all know, the most difficult job is any, that is related with people. I can mention, just for fun, that there were few muscled Italians in slim fit t-shirts, that were expecting us, stewardesses to help them to store their luggage into the overhead panels.

8. And what about flying itself? Any emergency landing or dangerous situation?

There were 3 unpleasant situations that worth to mention. On the flight to France, the fire has occurred on the board, what is pretty dangerous, but it has turned out to be just the replaced oil. On the next flight over the Italy, we were flying through heavy thunderstorm, where the aircraft was shaken from one side to another, like in the horror movies. We almost did not survive and I’m not exaggerating or dramatizing. The third incident has happened when the volcano on Iceland has erupted and I stuck in London for one week just with 10 euros, shorts and pajama.

Alex just loves flying, either on plane or on her own. 

9. Is there anything you would like to share to future stewardess, who are going to work for Ryanair?

Stay strong and don’t take everything personally, people usually don’t mean it.

Thank you Alex for this interview and I believe you answered many questions of future travelers and stewardesses around the world.  Follow Alex on social media and read her interesting travel stories from all around the world.

Milan Bardun – because it is better to travel, than to arrive

All pictures, except of the Ryanair aircraft picture belong to Alexandra Kováčová.


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