European Parliament Elections Notice In 7 Languages
Ohodnoť článok

I found this European Parliament election notice in my post box this morning. Just casual notice, I thought. Then I saw, it is written in 7 languages and three of them I couldn’t recognize.

The first one is in Slovak, second one in Hungarian. Third one, not sure. Russian maybe? I have no clue, what could be the next one, it looks like Russian as well. Next Lithuanian maybe? Then German and the last one is English.

I did not even know, how many minorities live in my town. Would be nice to know some of them.

Milan Bardun 2014

"Klíma v kancli nebola pre mňa. V roku 2016 som dal výpoveď a začal podnikať. Cestovateľský blog Bez Mapy sa stal mojim zamestnaním na plný úväzok. Lacné cestovanie ma neberie, píšem o zážitkoch a dobrodružstve. Medzi mojich partnerov patria aj Qatar airways, Coca Cola či Mini Cooper." - Milan "Bez Mapy" Bardún (26)

Čo si myslíš ty?