How to EAT SCORPIONS in Thailand


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Travelling doesn’t have to mean only lying on the beach with your favourite mojito. It doesn’t have to mean taking tons of pictures of sights, that can be found anywhere on the internet. Travelling means eating. Tasting local dishes is part of discovering local culture and here in Thailand, trying to eat different kinds of bugs and insects is must, although it’s not traditional Thai.


Definitely on the Khao San road. Khao San Road is probably the most party place in whole Bangkok, where everything is allowed. This is the place, where you can stay up all night. Here you can drink cheap beer, have massage or fun with your friends. Khao San Road is the best place to eat bugs in whole Bangkok.  There’s is a lady with car selling different kinds of insects and bugs, like scorpions, worms, spiders, grasshoppers or cockroaches. It’s all there, waiting for you to eat it all. You can have anything you like and all bugs and insects are safe to eat – they all are deep fried with soy sauce on them. Bangkok is the right place to eat scorpions and tarantulas 😉

insects Khao San roadthere is a wide selection of incests you can choose from


Surprisingly, tasteful! I have tried just one and before that, I had to drink couple of beers, since I’m not used to eat scorpions every day, haha. The price for one piece is around 70 baths, but you can negotiate to 50 per one. The scorpion I ate was delicious and a little bit salty. I guess, it wouldn’t have been that tasteful without the soy sauce, which the lady poured all over it, before. It was crunchy and completely dry – so you do not have to be worried about squeezing intestines 😀 There is a wide selection of insects you can choose from and next time, I will definitely try cockroaches! But I will have to drink way more drinks than I did, before eating scorpion. Inspire with the video below and see how to eat scorpions.

the video of me eating an scorpion in Bangkok


Well, nothing is 100% safe but scorpions sold on Khao San road are deprived of  venom. All scorpions are venomous, so if the lady will try to convince you, that this one, she is selling is not, she‘ s lying. All venom is stored in the „telson“, which is the ending of their tail and as I noticed and as you can see on the pic above, all telsons were removed. When the scorpion attacks you, the venom gets to your body through the sharp sting at the end of the telson, that is removed, as well. Well, it is always dangerous to eat venomous animals and insects and if you do not want to end your holiday too early, you should better try the cockroach or grasshoppers 😉

eating scorpion bangkokcrunchy scorpion is always a good idea

eating scorpion thailandeating scorpion on Khao San road

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