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Before my trip to Boston, I spoke to people who have been there before and most of them told me, that Boston is way better than New York city. I didn’t understand it, but now, after my day trip to Boston, I get it and in some way, I agree with them.

I haven’t planned to go to Boston, since I don’t know much about this city and there are so many places in the world I want to visit first. Two days before I left to California, few of my friends decided to do the road trip to this city, since from Torrington, Connecticut it’s just three hours drive to Boston in Massachusetts. I joined them, because I don’t think, I’d go to Boston on my own, just to see it. So I took this chance and went to see this capital of Massachusetts. Highways in the USA are very cheap, we paid around 2.50 $ one way plus 1 , 25 $ before entering the city off from the highway. I think it was the tax. Highways itself are very fast, clean and comfortable to drive on. They have to be, America runs on gas.


My first stop was in famous law university – Harvard. This university is actually located in Cambridge, what is district little out of the city. I was little bit disappointed, maybe coming with low expectations would help. It’s just very good looking university and many agreed, that this Cambridge reminds me of some British city. This was so true, everything was build from bricks, literally. If you come to Harvard, don’t expect that you will be allowed to go everywhere. On most places you can walk free, but there are some restricted areas, where you can enter only with Harvard ID card. I get it, they don’t want tourist to disturb students, still, it is the university.


If you don’t have to, don’t go to Boston by car and use public transportation. Parking in the whole city center is impossible, unless you have citizen card. If don’t, you have to use one of the parking houses, which are pretty expensive. Regular price is around 30 – 40 $ per day. After 5pm you may get discount. Parking under the building on 225th Franklin Street costs 8 $ after 5pm and if you need to park your car in the morning, I suggest you to go the port, where the parking is cheaper. From here, you can literally walk to the city center, what takes around 40 minutes, or just use metro. One way ticket costs something little more than 2 $.


The reason why all the people I spoke to told me, they liked Boston more than New York city is, that Boston is not that busy and it has a lot of greenery. Really, Boston is green city! Sometimes, I walked through the streets with mouth open. Lawn everywhere, pots with flowers hanging from lamps, enough of trash bins, fountains with drinkable water and happy, smiling people. Boston is really charming and one of the advantages is, that the city center is not that much spread. It’s compact, so if you have time, you can walk everywhere. Downtown is currently undergoing huge revitalization, that costs over $ 4 billion. Theaters have been restored, opened many new restaurants and lately, thousands of new residents have moved in. Downtown has a lot of to offer. The main street, downtown crossing pedestrian zone, named Washington Street is great place where to start your tour. From here you can walk basically everywhere and this is the place, where you can do a lot of shopping.


The church was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and build between years 1872 to 1877. Here we can see, how modern architecture respects old one. The architect of the skyscraper next to the church had to deal with hard topic. To build skyscraper next to the church and don’t take all the attention from the church to the skyscraper. He decided to cover skyscraper with the glass only, so Trinity church is literally reflecting in the skyscraper and makes it invisible. It’s amazing! Except of this amazing piece of architecture, there are many more places to visit. For me, the number one is definitely Boston Common public garden. I could stay here all day long, just lying on the lawn, watching bostoners and tourists as they’re walking by with minds deeply in their lives. Spending just one day in this amazing place is great way, how to reset your mind. This park was full of people riding bicycles, sunbathing on the lawn, chatting, kayaking on the lake or just reading books and feeding squirrels. Park is very clean place, you can find public restrooms here and WiFi is available near the visitor’s center. It takes less than five minutes to walk from Washington Street. Another amazing spot is State House, build in 1798 as „new“ state house, located in Boston common public garden, on the top of Beacon hill. The dome is covered with 23 karat gold and you can see it from long distances, since it’s shining all over the park. This area is highly visited by tourists, but still, it worth it to stop by.

I didn’t expect that Boston will make such a big impression. This city is just beautiful and it is worth it to visit and plan your journey here. There are not many places and cities in the world, where you can capture building from 19th century together with modern, high skyscraper. Boston is walking hand by hand with old and modern architecture, and I’d call this city as the city of compromises. While in the other cities historical buildings are demolished and replaced by new ones, here in Boston, you will find both. The city is literally full of churches and skyscrapers and I totally love it!

I’m really glad that I made it to go here, but if somebody asks me if Boston is better than New York, I’d say „I can’t imagine living in New York city, since it’s crowded, loud place. But if I lived in Boston, I’d love to visit New York city once in a while and then come back home to enjoy silence and history of Boston“

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