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Few weeks ago I absolved lovely day trip to falls in Connecticut,  in Kent Falls State Park. These falls are mostly known for local people and I must say, I’ve never heard of Kent Falls State Park before I came to Connecticut. Tourists don’t know about this place, so if you’re looking for a quiet place where not everyone had been, stop by and enjoy what Kent Falls offer and trust me, here you can do what you can’t even think of on another places. Let me explain.

Kent Falls became Connecticut’s eighteen state park in 1919 with a gift of 200 acres by White Memorial Foundation and by this day, it’s area takes little more over 295 acres. Kent Falls include series of cascades that descend over 250 feet through the forest. To discover this spectacular place by visitors, there was build the Kent Falls Trail which is long quarter mile and takes you up to the falls. Just don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes, not as me. I’ve done this in flip flops and survived without broken bones. As you’re ascending, you can stop by on one of many viewing platforms to enjoy this beautiful cascades and take pictures. You don’t have to be worried about other people on the pictures, there aren’t many of them. This is big advantage of barely known places like this.

Right on the bottom of Falls, there is large pick nick area, favorite especially for families with young children. While walking around here, I’ve seen lot of children playing in the water, while their parents were preparing dinner on grill. Many people just drive here to walk their dogs or enjoy sunshine on green lawn. Next to the pick nick area, there is big parking lot (maybe unnecessary big) for your vehicle. There are few parking spots for disabled people, so if you’re disabled you can come and enjoy this beauty, as well. Falls are wheelchair accessible, expect of the Kent Falls Trail.

As I wrote, this state park is not that popular for tourists, although you will find lot of boards with warnings, that coming off the trail is prohibited, but nobody pay attention. It’s wrong that people are not paying attention to the boards, because this ecosystem is weak and we want to save it for further generations, but on the other hand, if you ever wanted to swim in waterfalls, you can try it here. Many of my friends have done it and spammed my Facebook page. I skipped entering the waterfall, just walk little bit in the water and it was very cold what didn’t surprise me.

Kent Falls State Park is one of those places you always find by accident and nobody knows about them. If you will ever have travels around Western Connecticut, consider stopping by and make picture under, or behind the waterfall.

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