How To Apply for AZERBAIJAN tourist VISA

How To Apply for AZERBAIJAN tourist VISA
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Visa free for passport holders of: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia

Visa issued upon arrival: Turkey, Israel

Banned entrance: Armenia

If you are not citizen of any of these countries, you have to regularly apply for Visa before entering the country. Why do the citizens of Armenia have banned entrance? Because of the dispute of Nagorno-Karabakh and the border between these two countries is closed.

Azerbaijan embassy Vienna working hours

Azerbaijan embassy in Vienna – working hours


  1. Filled out the online e-visa application and print it out
  2. Passport, which stays valid at least 6 months after your visit of Azerbaijan
  3. One passport photo, not older than 6 months (they say you need biometric photo, but I had classic one and it was OK)
  4. One photocopy of your passport’s first site
  5. Booked return flight/tickets
  6. Hotel reservation
  7. Travel insurance that covers all health expenses that may happen
  8. The proof of your employment or student status

Azerbaian embassy Vienna

Azerbaijan embassy in Vienna

Azerbaijan Baku visa

greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan

At first, fill out the online e-visa application with all important information and print it out. Then make the copy of the first site of your passport, flight and hotel booking confirmation (you have book return flight or train, but your flight back can be from different country, for eg. Georgia). Ask your hotel for the confirmation of your booking (the one from the internet, isn’t enough, you’ll need an official document, signed by your hotel).

The visa cost around 35 EUR and for example in Vienna, you will be given a check to be paid in local bank for fee 4 EUR. The official time for issuing an Azerbaijan tourist visa is 15 working days, but it may take up to one month so brace yourselves with a lot of patience, which is worth since Azerbaijan is beautiful.

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