3 Steps How To Sleep In Las Vegas (almost) For Free

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The capital of gambling – Las Vegas isn’t expensive city. Not many people know, that the accommodation is almost for free and surprisingly, it’s caused by casinos. Almost every hotel owns casino, which is the main source of their income and that’s what you have to know, when you’re about to hit this desert city. Don’t stay in hostels, stay in 4 stars hotels!

If you haven’t slept is 4 stars hotel yet, Las Vegas is the right place to do it. Why? It’s cheap. Comparing to the other expensive hotels in the world, those in Las Vegas are almost for free. For example, the night  in Hilton hotels in New York can cost you more than 300 dollars per room per night for two people, where Hilton in Las Vegas could cost you 55 dollars per room per night for two people, if you know, when to come. We have tried two luxury hotels in Vegas – we took place in 4 stars Luxor for two nights and another two in 4 stars Hilton Tropicana by Double Tree, which is across the road next to the Luxor. Las Vegas is full of luxury hotels and it’s only up to you, where you decide to accommodate. You can do what we have done, we have tried two hotels in four nights. All you have to know are these 3 simple steps.


This is the most important information for you is to know, when you come to Las Vegas. Most of those, who come there to play casinos are working people, who work on weekdays or university students, who are in the classes. For the room you would’ve paid 55 dollars per night on Monday, you will pay 120 dollars on Friday night. This is the business strategy of most hotels with casinos, because most of the earned money, they earn on weekends. But if you come during weekday, they give you the room for less money to convince you to stay right at their place, supposing, you came to play to their casino and will spent there more money. Of course, it is not mandatory for you to go and play and nobody will check you, if you have played casino or not, but most of the people do play.


As I have mentioned before, hotels with casinos make most of their income not from running a hotel, but casino. Yearly, people spend almost 7 000 000 USD in casinos in Las Vegas and hotels wouldn’t have earned that much money from renting rooms – so they give you room for lower price, with all the luxury, wellness and spa that belongs to 4 stars hotels, so you can spend more on casinos. It is so simple! I have tried to play casino and I succeed ;) On average, many people will spend there more than they would have paid for an accommodation in any other 4 stars hotel in the world.


If you ask me why, I will not be able to tell you the reason, why hotels are cheaper when you book them this way and this is the fact I didn’t know for a long time, but now I’m glad to share it with you. Many of my friends book their hotels on these websites, even the hotels in their home country and they always save around 20% of the price, they would’ve paid normally. It is also worth to check more websites and compare prices, usually those most known are most expensive. This hack is not just about hotels in Las Vegas, you can apply it worldwide and check and compare prices to find the best deals for you. There are many promotions going on and tell me about one person, who wouldn’t have wanted to save money on accommodation. One of those mentioned websites recommended by my friend is Gala Hotels from Istanbul.

As you travel the world, you will discover many things and figure out a lot of hacks, which will help you to save some money on your future trips. If you have any other tips and travel hacks you would like to share, please do so in comments below.

Milan Bardun – it is better to travel than to arrive

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    • That is the thing, Melinda. I don’t know why is it cheaper, but mostly it is (I say mostly, not all hotels are cheaper, but many are) I tried to figure it out by hours of searching the web, but I didn’t succeed. Many of my friends book their hotels on these websites and trust them and have only positive experiences as I have.

  1. Yaaaay, perfect tip =D, does it work also in NYC or some eastcoast city? ^_^ You know, Las Vegas is not on the top of the list of US Cities we want to visit in first line =P
    Thanks a lot,

    • Thanks, Michael. NYC is expensive itself, but when you book in advance, you can save some bucks. Also check gala hotels webpage for some good deals and hotels are way cheaper in Brooklyn than on Manhattan.

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