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Maldives are lately beaming very popular among independent travellers from around the world, as I am. One of the most popular island in Maldives is Maafushi island, where you can see local culture walking hand in hand with tourism. There are several accommodation opportunities and Maafushi hotels around the island. If you are asking yourselves, where to stay in Maldives, try Beachwood hotel in Maafushi, where I stayed during my Maldives holiday. Maafushi hotels are the place, from where you can enjoy your holiday in Maldives.

I have arrived to Beachwood hotel by the local ferry from the capital Malé. If you dont want to pay for expensive speedboat, then definitely try local ferries and in get to the Beachwood hotel in less than two hours from Malé. I was worried, whether I find the way to the hotel, but I didn’t have to. Beachwood hotel prearranged for me and my friend free ferry pickup straight to the property in air-conditioned minivan. There were a lot of staff people from the other hotels waiting for the quests, but only Beachwood hotel sent a minivan for us – other guests had to walk to their hotels.

Beachwood hotel Maafushi MaldivesBeachwood hotel Maafushi from outside – always very stylish

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesthe reception

Beachwood hotel Maafushi MaldivesBooking ranking of Beachwood hotel is very good

Stay in BEACHWOOD hotel in Maafushi

Right upon our arrival, there was a lady on the reception welcoming us with fresh watermelon drink, which made me very happy in that heat. I also got a wet towel to freshen up and in this moment, I fell in love with Beachwood hotel in Maafushi. If someone asked me a question „where to stay in Maldives“ I would recommend them Beachwood hotel in Maafushi. Standard hotel facilities as laundry, room service, WiFi, spa, rooftop café and currency exchange are commonplace. Maafushi accommodation is the place for relax and adventures.

What I liked about the Beachwood hotel in Maafushi

  • free ferry terminal pickup in air-conditioned minivan – as I said, we were the only one who were picked up by air-conditioned minivan, the other guests had to walk to their hotels. What I liked about this free pickup was the fresh smell of flowers inside of the minivan.

  • fresh watermelon welcome drink – as soon as I have arrived, I got fresh watermelon drink as a welcome drink. I was very happy since the heat outside was unbearable.

  • Air-conditioned reception is another way, how to cool down. Any Maafushi accommodation couldn’t exist without air-conditioning.

  • wet towels to freshen up upon arrival were part of our check-in procedure, so before I got to the room, I was already fresh thanks to these towels

  • very fast WiFi connection – to my surprise, this was the best WiFi connection I have experienced in Maldives. In other hotels, where I stayed the connection was painful and so slow. Here I could even download my favorite music to my iPhone.

  • Hotel swimming pool is a perfect way how to cool down from the heat. The swimming pool is located on the ground floor close to the reception with many sun beds. Part of the pool is in the shadow, but the major part is under the sun, so you can sunbathe even in the hotel.

  • restaurant at the top of the Beachwood hotel in Maldives with spectacular views around island. Here I got my favorite chocolate milkshake and enjoyed the atmosphere of Maldives.

  • amazing beach – even though the Beachwood hotel is located in the heart of Maafushi island, it has its own beach, where you can have your own sun bed right next to the ocean. Just ask for the towels at the reception, the sun beds will be ready.
  • Beachwood hotel in Maafushi is very stylish and well furnished. I liked the various pictures on the walls, decorations and good fresh smell around the hotel. I felt very comfortable here. If you like luxury and comfortable room, that looks artsy, then the answer for „where to stay in Maldives“ is Beachwood hotel.
  • fresh fruit every morning – every morning we got fresh fruit with our breakfast. I really loved pineapple and red watermelon.

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesmy watermelon welcomedrink

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesroom

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesclean bathroom

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesclean bathroom

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivescomplimentary water and coffee every day

Beachwood hotel maafushi maldivestasty minibar

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesthe whole hotel is very well furnished

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesroom view and balcony

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesfresh fruit every morning

What I didn’t like about Beachwood hotel in Maafushi

  • couldn’t play my movies on the TV from the USB – TV said, that .avi format is not supported, but at the end, I was pretty glad, since I didn’t come to Maafushi to watch movies

  • the air conditioning always stopped working immediately, as I left my room, since when you pull out the card, the electricity turns off. I got used to this, since I understand how important is to save energy.

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivestrying the swimming pool

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldives swimming pool at the end of the day

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesnight swimming pool

Beachwood hotel Maafushi Maldivesour ferry terminal pickup in air conditioned minivan

Beachwood hotel Maafushi MaldivesBeachwood hotel beach

beachwood hotel maldives beachBeachwood hotel beach

Staying in Beachwood hotel in Maafushi was very enjoyable for me and I really liked my stay. If you wish to stay here too, check Beachwood hotel official website and make your booking today with best price on-line!

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