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The Independence day is probably one of the most important day in United States of America and pretty known worldwide, thanks to the movie with same title, staring with Bruce Willis. I knew about the Independence day since ever, but now I had great chance to see, how Americans celebrate it right in States.

The first thing I have to mention is, that we didn’t celebrate it on fourth July because of hurricane Arthur. Yeah, that wouldn’t be real America without hurricane. Fortunately, this hurricane didn’t hit the place where I’m staying that hard, but still, we had to postpone it because of heavy thunderstorms and rain.

Why is the Independence day so important for Americans? 4th July is the day of real celebrations all over the states. If you have something important that has to be done, do it before. The offices are closed but shops are open and people get crazy about shopping and prices get crazy, as well. So many discounts, so you feel like Christmas are coming. 4th of July is the day, when America declared independence. This important moment happened almost 240 years ago, in 1776, in Philadelphia and Americans are so proud of that day. Therefore, the celebrations are huge, expensive and fun at the same time.

I celebrated this day in summer camp in Connecticut, and I have to say, that it was incredible! During the whole day, Americans were wearing t-shirts in colours of American flag, some girls wore crowns and boys painted their flag on cheeks, even the little ones. I met few groups of children passing by, singing national anthem and having so much fun. When the day was about to end, we had big barbecue with lot of hamburgers and cola 🙂 and I usually skipped this food step in order to stay fit (you wanna hot body? You better work b***h) as Britney would say.

Fourth of July celebrating in America was one of my many dreams I had, and I’m glad, that I managed it here. My feelings from while day were great, I saw how Americans are prod of their country and many others ought to learn this from them. Be proud and represent.

See you next Sunday, because it’s better to travel than to arrive
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