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Paris Catacombs – World’s Scariest Place

Paris is clearly the city of lovers and the city, where you spend more than in Dubai or New York city. It is the travel dream of...

Estónsko, misia úspešná. Erasmus v Tartu bol epický

Erasmus v Tartu: Časť toho článku píšem počas poslednej jazdy autobusom na linke Tartu-Tallinn, dňa 29.januára.2014. Dnes nás čaká dlhý deň. Celé erasmus osadenstvo zo Slovenskej Technickej...

Alam-Pedja and cranberry jam from IKEA

Have you thought whether cranberry jam from IKEA does really have a taste of fresh cranberries? I figured it out in a nature reserve Alam-Pedja in the...

Valga or Valka? Depends on where you stand

Can you imagine living in a city which speaks with two completely different languages​​, pay with two currencies and when you walk your dog, you will pass signs with the...
zapad slnka z lietadla

Tere! My third month of erasmus in Estonia

Erasmus in Estonia: Many of you have asked me how I was doing in "the Estonia" and what exactly the Erasmus program is, so I have decided...