Searching for Tatranska Lomnica accommodation? Try Wili Tatry!

Searching for Tatranska Lomnica accommodation? Try Wili Tatry!
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Tatranska Lomnica accommodation: I love travelling around Slovakia and I always enjoy it very much. The most favourite part of mine is devinitely Hight Tatras, where I always die to come back. At least, the air is more breathable comparing to the capital, Bratislava. What about accommodation? On my last visit, I went to Tatranska Lomnica and found about very cosy apartments! I haven’t been staying in apartments while travelling for many reasons, but it has completely turned out as a mistake. Accommodation in Tatranska Lomnica was gorgeous! I stayed at Wili Tatry Apartments, which is located right in the centre of Tatranska Lomnica. How was it read below. Tatranska Lomnica accommodation? YES!

Tatranska Lomnica accommodation in Wili Tatry

My morning view from the room
Wili Tatry apartments are located in very quite area, but close to everything needed

Staying in Wili Tatry apartments in Tatranska Lomnica

  • The location of Wili Tatry apartments in Tatranska Lomnica

The central position of Wili Tatry apartments in Tatranska Lomnica is really good. Everything is in walking distance, right across the park. There is many important tourist tracks nearby, which I liked the most. I walked up to the Skalnate pleso, which got me completely tired. Right next to the apartments, there is big parking lot so no need to worry about parking.

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The location of Wili Tatry apartments is convenient for those, who love nature and want to spend some quality time in High Tatras. Tatranska Lomnica accommodation is the key for the great stay!

  • Facilities of Wili Tatry apartments

Wili Tatry apartments are freshly furnished with brand new furniture. I have seen the staff carrying new beds to rooms, while my stay. They must be comfy, then! The apartment house in Tatranska Lomnica itself is one big surprise! On my way there, I freaked out , since I forgot my shampoo and towal again and again. But all of these was waiting for me, there. There is also dishwasher, which is ready to be used. All you need to do is put the dishwasher tablet in (which is already there) and head off to the nature. I really love the fact, that I didn’t have to think about anything and focus on enjoying my stay at fullest.

Freshly furnished, new and clean!
The gathering area

The weather forecast for Tatranska Lomnica for this weekend wasn’t very well, but it turned out to be very nice and fair weather. Not cold, not hot. I could enjoy the mountains sun and relax. However, in case it would have rained, I wouldn’t feel bored in Wili Tatry. There was big TV in my apartment, so after I came back from the long day spent in woods, I settled next to it and enjoyed movies, till I fell asleep in cozy Tatranska Lomnica accommodation.

The suggested „check out“ time is at 10 am, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it on time. Me and my friend, we got lost in the forest and came back to the apartment two hours after check out time. However, the personnel was so kind and didn’t complain, at all. They understood our situation and smiled back on us.

My spacious bedroom with towels ready to use
This is my apartment for weekend, ideal for groups of friends
TV, balcony and everything you need on your weekend getaway
Kitchen utensils, dishwasher…but who’s going to make the dinner?
Finally I got myself a nice selfie. But why in bathroom? :(

What I liked about Wili Tatry apartments in High Tatras?

  • central location in Tatransla Lomnica, High Tatras
  • in walking distance from grocery store, railway station and tourist tracks
  • own restaurant
  • brand new furniture
  • everything you need is there to be found – even the dishwasher with dishwasher table for free, oven, shampoo, shower gel
  • I loved the morning mountain sun sneaking into my bedroom in the morning
  • TV with many entertaining channels
  • calm and helpful personnel
  • they didn’t have problems with my 2 hours late check out
  • I got spacious apartment
  • free gym equipped with everything you need to gain muscle and maintain figure
  • own wellness

What I didn’t like about about Wili Tatry apartments in High Tatras?

  • the speed of the internet was at some points slower, however, I wasn’t using it very much since most of the time I spent outdoors – offline :)
Free gym for you

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Would I come back? Yes! Wili Tatry apartments in Tatranska Lomnica in High Tatras was a great place for me to stay at. The next time I come, I will take my friends with me and we will have the best Tatras holidays, ever. Wili Tatry apartments are suitable mostly for group of friends, lovers and those, who love nature. Just look out of your window :)

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