This winter travel for less than 500 EUR!
Ohodnoť článok

Turkish airlines now offers very good flight deals for winter season, from November to March. Destinations like Adis Abeba, Nairobi or Shangai now you can visit for less than 500 EUR from Europe.


With your return ticket, you can visit many destinations very cheaply, comparing to the usual prices of tickets. Just check webpage and search for your flight. See the little star, that says „lowest price“ and your round trip can be very cheap. With stopover in Istanbul, you can fly anywhere.


Tickets are limited, so hurry up. Here is the list of special deals with offers for less than 500 EUR from Vienna. Check your departure airport, prices may little vary.

Vienna– San Francisco – Vienna 550 EUR

Vienna – Shangai – Vienna 500 EUR

Vienna – Nairobi – Vienna 500 EUR

Vienna – Mombasa – Vienna 500 EUR

Vienna – Adis Abeba – Vienna 450 EUR

Vienna – Istanbul – Vienna 140 EUR

Just visit their websites and choose your ticket. Do not forget to check dates with stars, to make sure you have the lowest price. To stay up to date with another great deals, like us on facebook/

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