List of best day trips from Niš in Serbia, that I have done


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Looking for some nice day trips from Niš in Serbia? Well, I spent there enough time to see, what’s behind the borders of city. Niš is not just about it’s city centre, great food, Rakija and kafanas. If you love nature, as I do, then definitely head out of the city to see what’s around. I’d recommend you to pick a nice and sunny day, to make the most of you day trip from Niš. Let’s have a look at day trips from Niš:

Best day trips from Niš in Serbia

Niška banja spa is just out of the town

This spa in Niš is located just about 9 kilometers from the city center. It is special for its mineral springs with benevolent effects on your body and health. Usually, people come here for weekends or longer, for their rehabilitation. You can get here by bus from Niš (line 1 to Niška Banja) or taxi. What I liked about Niška banja was the fact, that it is pretty close to Niš, but the nature here is so different. I love mountains, forests and streams and I could find all of it here. Even tho, it was pretty cold day, I loved the panoramic views from Niška banja. There is also outdoor playground and couple of good cafés, where I ordered domaca kafa, which is home made coffe. It’s super strong!

day trips from Niš
The area of Niška banja is very relaxing.
Niška banja visit
Nature is all around the spa. Great for long walks.
day trips from Niš
View from the hill over the village.

Sicevo Gorge view point with random bench

Speaking of day trips from Niš, you just can’t miss Sicevo Gorge view point. It is the part of canyon formed by Nišava river right on the road to Sofia. Sicevo is the name for village, which looks very authentic. As we drove our car through the tiny streets of Sicevo village and I was watching the life passing by, I fell in love with this part of Serbia. It so reminded me of my grandmas place, here in Slovakia. These are day trips from Niš.

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What was the highlight of this day trip from Niš to Siveco Gorge? Drive yourself to the end of the Sicevo village and you will discover the most random bench at the top of the rock. Right behind of the football playground. Just mind your steps 😀

day trips from Niš
Sicevo village looks very unique.
day trips from Niš
Can you find the bench?
Jelašnica Gorge is a place to play and eat, too

Jelašnica is very popular for its rock climbing activities. I didn’t do it because I didn’t have enough time, but friend of me did it and she had a lot of fun. I have done rock climbing in the USA and felt like whale, that was trying to fly. Maybe I need to lose on weight to be able to do rock climbing in Jelašnica in Niš? Anyway, Jelašnica got me because of its dramatic rocks and once again, nature. If you feel like walking more, stop by at Bojana’s springs, too. It’s a place for camping, while your day trips from Niš.

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While walking around, we stopped by in restaurant right in Jelašnica and had traditional Belmuž sir (belmuž cheese) with pastry. The name of the restaurant is Brka, or Etno podrum Brka. What I’d suggest you to do is to go for a day trip to Jelašnica, do some rock climbing and then have a great lunch in Brka. The restaurant is easy to find, on the main road. Or just ask locals for „kafana Brka“.

jelasnica climbing
Walking around Jelašnica.
jelasnica climbing
With my Serbian friends.
jelasnica climbing
This view is stunning!
day trips from Niš
Yum! Brka treated us very well.
Paragliding over Niš is a blast

Well, I have never done paragliding before. On my last day in Niš, before my flight back to Bratislava I tried paragliding. I must say, I was pretty nervous and the most scary part was right when the instructor said “run off the cliff, as fast as you can”. Well, I was freaking out but I did what he said to me and all of sudden, we took of. I never understand, how planes fly but this was so relaxing. I have to do it again. Literally, I became a paragliding addict. Book your paragliding in Niš here.

paragliding in Niš
My last day in Niš was celebration.

Three things I loved about paragliding in Niš

  • I felt very free, like I had wings
  • it was super adventurous and my heart was beating super fast
  • it was one of the most amazing thing in my live, I have done

Wine tasting in Malča

Well, I don’t drink much. But when I do, mostly I drink beer or wine. Therefore I was very happy to do the wine tasting in restaurant Gostionica in Malča. During my wine tasting in Malča, we have done tour around the area and I got explained, how they produce wine. I must say, the wine was great. There is also a restaurant, so me and my friends, we enjoyed great meal after.

Wine tasting in Malča
Wine tasting in Malča.
Wine tasting in Malča
Variety of wines.
Wine tasting in Malča
Wine tasting in Malča.

Visiting Niš was a blast. Now you know, what to see in Niš. I had so much fun here and every night, I went to sleep pretty tired.

Milan Bez Mapy

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