sobota, apríl 21, 2018

Bran Castle in Transylvania – Dracula’s mysterious place

This place was definitely this aim of our journey around Romania, the place with many legends and the real jewel of Romania's architecture - Bran Castle in Transylvania, the castle soaring high above the village...
navsteva rumunska

Brasov – The Heart Of Transylvania

Romania is very rich in the meaning of wonderful cities and architecture. On your visit do not miss Brasov, a city  located only 160 kilometers to the northwest from Bucharest,  in the heart of Transylvania. Transylvania...
navsteva rumunska

Once Upon a Time in Bucharest

Romania is a destination, which many people have prejudices about. I heard a lot of them before I left here, and if I told someone that I'm about to go to Romania for a week, the common response...