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Working as a cabin crew is dream job for many people around the world. Maria, Slovak girl, who lives is Dubai for almost eight years loves her job and visited almost the whole world. Maria works as a first class flight attendant for one of the best airlines in the world. Her Instagram profile inspires almost three tousands people and it is obvious, that she adores her job more than anything. But what is behind of all that? Read this interview with first class flight attendant from Slovakia!

emirates girl

Why light attendant? Have you ever wanted to do this glamorous job?

I have never thought of being a flight attendant, honestly 🙂 I have never known anyone, who worked as cabin crew, so it was not even on my mind. It was one huge coincidence, that have happened to me. At the end of 2007 I moved back to Slovakia and wanted to find some part time job for a while. After that, I was planning to move back to Spain. I am really not that kind of person, who sits at home. I just wanted to rest for a while and finally spend my Christmas with family. Accidentally I found out, that some low cost airline in Spain is hiring crew with base in Madrid. I decided to give a try and got that job (I heard, that everyone, who has two hands and can speak at least a little English will pass). Then I was told by them, that I have to pay EUR 100 to make sure to get a place in the training, so I paid that money. Later that time, I heard several negative opinions about this company, so I started feeling unsure, whether I want to work them. Then I heard about AirSlovakia, which was also looking for new cabin crew. I applied and got that job. And finally, then I heard about Emirates.

emirates girl

Since I did not have any previous experience as cabin crew, I was not sure, whether to go. Big company as Emirates is would never give a job to the total newbie, right? (How wrong I was, haha). I decided to give a try, at least I would have a new experience. In the worst scenario, I would not get that job and my live would continue. On the open day, where I saw all those professionally looking women I questioned myself „what am I doing here?“. Me, 25 years old girl, who looks like a child (I have always looked young) vs. WOMEN. But I told myself „what is supposed to happen will happen„. I was successful and made it to the final interview. After that, I have done my medicals and moved to Dubai.

How does a routine day of flight attendant look like?

Well, I would not call it a routine, even tho I work hard. For me it is a hobby, my dream job. We have two types of flights – turnarounds and layovers. Turnaround is a flight for a airport nearby of Dubai. If I have layover, I wake up around hour and half before pick up. Take a shower, do my make up and wear uniform. I always pack in the morning, since it would take me much more time, If I was doing it on the evening. Before every flight we have briefing and then go straight to the plane and do the safety checks. During the flight I do service 😀 and if it is turnaround, we let the airport staff to clean up the aircraft. If we have layover, we just go to the hotel.

emirates girl

I know, you were on holiday in Hawaii. How do you feel as a passenger on plane, don’t you have a desire to help the crew?

Of course, I do! For example, when they collect trays, I try to make them flat. In the trolley, there is very small space for trays and when a passenger gives to a stewardess „Eiffel tower“ it takes it more time to deal with it. Even when some of the passengers need help with our on board entertainment system, I always help. And for example, when I am thirsty, I do not ring the bell – just go and ask for drink.

You have been almost everywhere. Is there out in the world still some place, you wish to visit?

I want to go EVERYWHERE! Next year I want to go to visit Machu Pichu, I hope I will manage it. I definitely want to see Latin America. There, I have been only to Brazil and Argentina. People there are very lovely. I am also dying to visit Colombia and Cuba. I also love Asia and there are still some places to go in Africa. The African nature is stunning and going to Africa is great to realize, how lucky we are. Usually I see young children playing football with ball made of old clothes or playing with totally basic toys. But they are happy even from small things. Not like children, these days. On my last visit of Dakar, me and my colleague, we bought some candies and visited local kindergarten. We gave these candies to children there and their happiness was amazing. I felt amazing for doing a good deed and children were happy. Once, I will finish my journey in Emirate, I will travel across Europe. Do you see? I really want to go EVERYWHERE! 🙂

emirates girl

emirates girl

You live in Dubai more than 7 years. Can you imagine doing something else?

Honestly? I do, but I do not want to. As you mentioned, I live here more than 7 years and I want to stay another 7, haha. I love being cabin crew. Why would I leave and do something else, when I love what I do? My „job“ makes me happy. I have finished Business Academy, but the picture of me sitting eight hours in the office I don’t like. I have had many jobs starting as barman to work in a bank, as a restaurant manager and I loved all of them. I believe, people should really do what they like, whether it would be a job or hobby. Once I will have enough of flying, I just quit. I just don’t want to be old and unhappy. Live is too short to be anything but happy.
emirates girl

Living in Dubai must be great, although, does it have any disadvantages?

For me not. I love Dubai. If someone can not bear heat, then he might have problems to get used to it. But we have everything here. People can go skying, to the beach, water parks, visit desert etc. It is like a combination of Las Vegas and New York.

You can follow Marika on her Instagram profile as marika_dxb and maybe you will want to become cabin crew, as well 🙂

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