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Before I came to America, I was kind of worried about food. We all know, how Americans eat, what they drink and we all pretty know, how Americans think. Since I do sports , manage food and go to the gym, I prepared myself for tough times. And do you know what I have figured out? America has zero calories and most of the products are low fat. What a surprise!

Americans eat lot and sometimes, I stay with mouth open, when I see how they combine food and drinks. These combinations are very caloric, fat and I think, it doesn’t taste so good at all. For example, in the camp where I work, they always serve pasta with bread. The other day, we had spaghetti for dinner. With meatballs and bread. The other example is lasagna with salami sandwich. During the meal time, most of the time I’m like ‚what the f…‘ The meal itself is not bad, really. Had that lasagna, and it was super delicious, but I skipped bread. All this bread deviation is good comparing to some meals we got served here. The top is chips for lunch! I’m not kidding. Chips as side order to fried chickens is so delicious…for some.

But let’s not be that judicial. They serve a lot of vegetables. So much salad, peppers and cucumbers I eat here I have never eaten in one day. To be honest, it’s because of main meal I barely eat, but the salad is awesome. And Americans eat it! That’s so nice, but if they would use less dressings, would be much better.


The other thing is, that almost every product you buy in grocery proudly says to you ‚low fat‘, ‚reduced fat‘ or even ‚fat free‘, ‚0 calories‘. A friend I work here with, she told me she found banana with ‚low fat‘ sticker on it. I decided to make a collection of pictures of these fat free products and post some of them here. Home, in Europe we have fat free products, as well but here, it is, I would say pushing on you and I bet, it is good way how to sell products. Let’s say they are fat free and the sale will raise. I must admire that I’m getting used to eat this way and I don’t like that, but how could I resist to chocolate ice cream at 10PM?

In conclusion, as I watch Americans how they eat, they try to eat more healthy, they eat salads, tuna, eggs and chickens. But on the other hand, using mayo and dressings, oil instead of butter isn’t the best way. And there is one thing, I used to eat yoghurt here a lot. Better do not check what it consist, but those low fat ones say ‚only 90 calories per serving‘. That is pretty okay, so does it mean I can eat even more of them? 🙂


Bon Appetite guys 🙂

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