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Make the most of your visit of Bangkok and don’t miss anything important in this metropolis. Bangkok is pulsing, dirty and big capital of Thailand, where there is so much to do and see. Before reading this list, check 7 important things to know, before going to Bangkok and get ready for anything. Bangkok will get you! Here are the most favourite things to do in Bangkok.


Bangkok is huge city and getting somewhere means being stuck in the traffic jams for hours. Even though, it’s not expensive to hop on the taxi, it can still be more adventurous to use boat as transportation to get around Bangkok and see, how locals live. There are several types of boats you can board, but from my experience I can say – smaller is funnier (and cheaper). Those smallest ones are mostly for locals and they use it to transport to and from the work. While you’re squeezing with Thais on the small boat, waiting until the water splashes into your face (what happens), you will see the side of Bangkok, that is not so glamorous, but very truthful and says a lot about how locals live. Check Google map of Bangkok and zoom it towards to small rivers around city – the stops will appear. Boats are in service till 6:30 pm or 7 pm (depending on the route) and the one way trip costs from 10 – 20 baths (around 0, 50 EUR).

Bangkok boat


There are dozens of temples around Bangkok and I’ve visited almost all of them. The one, that remained in my memory as the most interesting was lying Buddha. The temple of the Reclining Buddha – What Pho is very attractive tourist spot. The Buddha itself is 46 meters long, gold plated.

Wat Pho


If you’re looking for the perfect place to have fun all night long, then definitely take taxi to Khao San Road. This is the most party place in the whole Bangkok, where you can do anything, what you like. In there, you can try how the scorpios or cockroaches taste, drink plenty of cheap beers, have massage or buy fake FBI or ISIC card. On the Khao San Road, everything is allowed.

Bangkok night life

Bangkok massage

Bangkok eating scorpio


Not sure, whether this blog is the right place to describe ping pong show, but why not. What is actually ping pong show? It’s simple and you can try it at home, as well (kidding). Asian women simply take couple of ping pong balls and put them inside of their vagina. Horny men pay to see those balls getting out, one by one. Ping pong shows are very popular among the visitors of Thailand and you can see the these shows almost anywhere, since many night clubs are offering them. One of the most popular places to go and see Ping pong show is super pussy club in Bangkok.

Super pussy pinpong show


If you’re tired of partying, take a walk around beautiful Lumpini city park, where you can enjoy yourself as long as you want to. Lumpini Park is a perfect place to run away from busy streets of Bangkok. There are so many interesting flowers, banana trees, lakes and animals, that will make you want to move in. One of the most interesting animals among of the wildlife of Lumpini Park are huge lizards. Lumpini Park is quiet, big, humid and highly visited among the people of any age. You can just walk around, make picknick or do some workout. There are several outdoor gyms, where you can go and start working out on your new body. After the workout, for a small fee, you can take a shower, that is next to the outdoor gym. Lumpini Park is comparable to Central Park in New York, however it’s not that big and more quiet. Save around three hours for Lumpini Park and enjoy the reflections of skyscrapers in the beautiful and spread lakes. Watch lizards as they’re hunting for food or sunbathing turtles on the banks of the lakes.

lumpini park lizzard

lumpini park

lizzard bangkok


If you want to get from busy Bangkok and Lumpini Park isn’t enough, take a day trip to Ayutthaya, where are beautiful temples waiting for visitors cameras. Simply go to the Humpalong train station and ask for the 2nd class ticket to Ayutthaya. Return ticket cost around 1 dollar and the journey takes almost one hour. More about day trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok in the article next week.

ayutthaya train

buddha head ayutthaya

Bangkok is very special and unique. It can not be compared to any other city in this world. In Bangkok, there meet 20 years old people looking for fun and drinks, 60 years old guys, who are looking for sex with Asian girls (or boys) or just backpackers looking for the cheap holiday in tropics. You’ll meet worshippers praying to Buddha or business men in suits. There’s always something for everyone and it’s only up to you, what you decide to take.

Milan Bardun

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