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If you’re in Las Vegas and want to take a trip to Grand Canyon National Park, there are few important information you ought know. The visit of Grand Canyon is one of top attractions among Las Vegas visitors but do you know where exactly to go to have the best view of this monument?

There are several options how to get to from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park – by plane, train (to Flagstaff city), bus or car. If you want to travel by plane, search for flights to GCN airport, but there is no direct connection between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, unless you fly charter or private. However, the most convenient way is to rent a car and drive you there. This drive was probably even more exciting than the Grand Canyon itself – imagine that, you, car, desert and hot sun for 5 hours. We were also considering to buy an agency trip and go there by bus, but at the end, we were glad we didn’t – we wouldn’t have enjoyed this trip that much.


Going to Grand Canyon North Rim takes around 5 hours of constant driving and you will see a lot of beautiful sceneries. On the way you will visit three states – Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Be sure to have enough gasoline, plenty of water and food. The journey is tiering because of the unbearable heat and quiet monotone road – basically, you will go straight for 5 hours looking at sand, stones and abandoned houses along the road.

Directions from Las Vegas to Grand Canyonclick on the map above to see detailed directions

1.FIND THE RIGHT ROUTE – At first you have to get out of the town. Take the route 15 NORTH towards to the Salt Lake City called „Las Vegas Freeway“. This road is for free, you don’t have to pay for it – therefore it may be little crowded and rush all the time, since it connects Los Angeles with Salt Lake City through Las Vegas. Highways in the USA are probably the best I have ever seen, after those in Germany – clean, fast and brand new.

2. GET ENOUGH GAS – Once you are out of the town, I suggest you to stop at the closest gas station to refuel the car. There will be gas station called Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza after around 1-2 hours of drive in your direction, so you better stop by and fill your tank. This is the last gas station for the next 3 hours. We had quick breakfast there, have bought a lot of water (best decision ever!) and headed straight to the desert, to Grand Canyon. There is also gift shop at the gas station where you can find maps, magnets and lot of stuff that will remind you, that you were here. We had a little problem with our car (we didn’t know what kind of gasoline do we need) so we have asked one local older guy and he has gladly helped us. He looked like those typical American guys from western movies – wearing jeans and hat 😀 I was so excited.

Gas Station Nevada

Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza – gas station in the middle of the desert

3. TAKE THE RIGHT TURN – After few hours you will be in St George town in Utah, where you have to turn right to the road nr.9 towards to Hurricane town. Once you are in Hurricane, turn right right next to the Hurricane community center – this is where we have turned wrong and got lost for a while. This is quite confusing so be attentive and take the right turn to road nr.59.

the town named Hurricane – the place Google will probably not find

beautiful nature sceneries along the road

4. PAY THE ENTRANCE FEE – Then you go straight for ever, literally. There is only one turn after few hours of drive in Fredonia town in Arizona and you gotta turn right to the road nr. 89A. Another long straight road will lead you to the turn to the Grand Canyon National Park area, where you have to pay entrance fee 20 USD (credit cards only), this entrance fee allows you to stay here up to 1 week, in case you want to rent a cab or stay overnight. You will definitely will not miss the turn- there are couple of nice boards informing you that you are approaching National Park Area.

The whole journey takes around 5-6 hours, according to how fast you drive – be careful and do not exceed the speed, even if the road looks empty, there are police men always ready to stop you. I remember the situation as we were driving on the empty road and suddenly, in the middle of nowhere the police car has outran us and drove away. We were so surprised – where did it come from so suddenly?

5 hours drive to Grand Canyon looks like this

typical American roads – never ending and empty

Once you are here, there are free parking lots next to the restaurant and souvenir shop. There are few cottages you can rent and stay as long as you want to. We saw a lot of seniors living there, so this is more popular for older people who look for a piece of quiet in the nature. There are free water, toilet and shop where you can buy refreshments if you do not want to eat in the restaurant. More about Grand Canyon itself in the article next week.

TRAVEL COSTS PER 2 PERSONS (from Las Vegas to G.Canyon North Rim)

car rental, insurance and fees –  100 $

gasoline for 492 miles / 792 km – 70 $

National Park entrance fee – 20 $

food and drinks – 60 $

TOTAL: 250 USD / 125 USD per one person

According to these calculations we have realized, that it is not that expensive – the agency bus trips cost around 100 – 110 USD per person, so we did it almost in the same prize. Grand Canyon trip is must – to – see attraction while you are round, weather you decide to go by car, plane, bus or train, you shouldn’t miss it. We have done it by car and it was probably the best part of my USA trip and I would have done it anytime again, but only on car 😉

Milan Bardun – because it is better to travel, than to arrive


    • Trisha, it definitely was! You have to go, for me, the US is not about skyscrapers and busy cities, but beautiful nature and awesome parks. Anyway, most of the people in the US live on countryside.

  1. When we used to live in San Francisco, we used to get visitors from here in the Netherlands who would rent a car and drive to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, sometimes making a circle and including Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well — in a week! The most common comment was „I didn’t realize how BIG it all is!“

  2. Hi Milan!
    I love the freedom of drive around. The possibility to stop to take nice pictures or enjoy a picnic is awesome!
    Great post, you dig all the details!

  3. This part of the country is really fun to drive! I agree that driving is the best way to travel in that area. Another great destination to explore that’s even closer to Las Vegas is Death Valley.

    • I have some stunning pics from Death Valley and next time I happen to be in Vegas, Death Valley will be the no.1 to visit!

  4. Such a cool experience! Visiting the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list–the entire family is hoping that we can trek out there en masse at some point. Pinning this for reference later!
    P.S. I’ve never been out west, but I wish we could get some of those bare „typical“ American roads here in the east! 😉

    • The hole journey was one great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. But be careful, your chocolate might have melted here haha 🙂

  5. I’m glad you went to the North Rim! Fewer tourists and apparently better views!

    We decided to indulge when we went there and booked a helicopter flight which goes over the West Rim and actually landed us in the bottom of the canyon!

    It wasn’t as expensive as we expected and we got to see the amazing Hoover Dam as well 🙂

    Check it out here if you like? I’d recommend it!! 😀

    • I bet that the view from the bottom must have been breathtaking! I didn’t take the helicopter tour, I found it bit expensive – but as you say, if it was worth it, maybe I should have.

  6. This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go! I’ve done similar drives (the drive across Canada is flat, flat and then is that a hill? nope.. just more flat), but rather than utter boredom, I try and just appreciate how vast it really is. It gives you a different concept of the size of the world. Pretty incredible… and that whole post about getting to Grand Canyon without a single photo of the Canyon to say „SEE! This is why you need to go!“ ahhhh now I guess I really have to see it for myself! haha

    • You are right Ian! In times where everyone takes planes to go somewhere, the world is becoming smaller. But as soon as you have to drive somewhere, then you realize „damn! this world is so big!“

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