Slovakia Travel Guide: 11 THINGS TO DO IN TRENCIN

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Travelling around Slovakia will definitely bring you to beautiful and historical city – Trencin. Trencin is another amazing city in Slovakia, that is worth to visit. The best way how to explore it is to find a local, who can guide you around. I was lucky and met Emma from local company of Slovakian leisure wear – Wearme and she has showed me the city with eyes of a local. Discover Trencin with Emma and see, how much has this city to offer.


  • Trencin lies on the river „Vah“ which is the longest river in Slovakia (403 km)
  • because of its beauty, Trencin is called „the pearl of Povazie“, which is the western part of Slovakia
  • Trencin is fast developing city and these days, there are several reconstructions going on
  • its airport is the place of favourite music festival „Pohoda“


There are three ways, how to get to Trencin from Bratislava. You can take the car and drive on D1 highway – it takes around one hour and half.

You can use train, as well, which takes around one hour and half on a fast train. On intercity train, you will do it in one hour, but the price is higher. Buy tickets from the official webpage of Slovakian railways. Trains leave from the main railway station – Hlavná stanica (fast trains and intercity trains) and from the Vinohrady station (only fast trains). One way adult ticket costs no more, than 7 EUR and if you are a student, you can have it for free (if you want a free ticket, you have to buy it at the railway station and have a valid ISIC card with activated electronic chip by your school).

If you want, you can take the bus to Trencin, too. Buses always leave from the main bus station – Autobusová stanica Mlynské Nivy. I do not recommend you to take a bus, sometimes it may take more than 2 hours. Emma from Wearme says, that the most comfortable way, how to get to Trencin is taking a train. Although, there is no air connection between Bratislava and Kosice. Trencin airport is only for local, private flights.


The most convenient way to get to Trencin from Kosice is to take the train. The journey takes less than 5 hours and you can buy tickets from the official webpage of Slovakian railways. Emma does not recommend you to take a bus, since it can take almost 7 hours. If you want to drive there, mind that there is no straight highway between Trencin and Kosice.



Trencin castle is the TOP of what you can do and see in Trencin. The castle proudly stays above the city for hundreds of years, where the history goes back to The Roman Empire. The areal consist from the castle palaces and the main, Matus tower. Trencin castle is now after many reconstructions, since back in the 1790, it has completely burned out. Till the middle of century, it was just ugly ruin over the city of Trencin. Nowadays, the castle is nicely renovated and it is the real decoration standing proudly above the city. The castle is open for visitors daily, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. You can buy tickets depending of what you want to see. There are two different types of exhibitions to choose from and  even family tickets are available and start from 8, 30 .

Trencin wearmeright under the Trencin castle

Trencin hrad wearmeyou can buy tickets from this authentic place

THE GRAND TOUR – takes around one hour and half (includes guided tour, the view from Matus tower and all sights at the Trencin castle). Trencin castle admission fee: adults: 5, 10 , old people: 4,10 , children and students: 3,10 , children under 3 years: 1

THE MINI TOUR – takes around 30 minutes (guided tour + the view from Matus tower). Trencin castle entrance fee: adults: 3, 60 , old people: 3,10 , children and students: 2,10 , children under 3 years: 1


Historic wall surrounding the castle are very nice place to walk and see the old Trencin even closer. There are few cosy cafeterias, where you can enjoy tasty espresso with breathtaking view of the castle or Old Town under your feet. Just get ready for a hundreds of steps to step on. Historic walls really breath with history and sometimes, I felt like in the middle ages, there – all I needed was just a gun and the horse, haha.

Stare mesto TrencinEmma was enjoying Trencin this much


On the way down from the castle towards to the city rectory, you can not miss old parish stairs built in 1568 and renovated in 1708, 1886 and 1979 in Renaissance style. It was the main access road to the town armery. As you will be walking down the stairs, try to count them 😉 how many stairs did you count?

Farske schody trencindid you try to count all steps of parish stairs?


The city rectory is just a few steps walking down the castle. From there, you can take amazing pictures of the town. If you do not mind wind blowing into your eyes, then definitely stop by and see the whole Old Town of Trencin. This rectory was built back in 1324 at the hill called „Marienberg“. The rectory completely burned out in 1790 (also with Trencin castle) and the extreme heat has melted two of three giant bells (1). General reconstruction has been done in years 1911 and 1912 and the main altar is from 1925. There is an painting on it showing the birth of Virgin Mary.

mestska fara trencinstunning view from city rectory

city rectory trencin viewthis view will take your breath


If you are tired of walking up and down hills and stairs, walk down to the Old Town and enjoy long promenade of Trencin. There are many restaurants, cafeterias, visitors centre and many more. You can have tasty ice cream, as me and Emma did, or just peacefully sit at one of the wooden benches and enjoy the flow of city. If you feel hot, just hide to the shadow of trees or do a little of shopping. One of the most interesting things at this promenade is plague column. Trencin has been through a long and rich history and one part of it is plague, unfortunately. The column has been built in Baroque style in 1712 (2) as a memorial of plague victims from 1710.

trencin namestie wearmethe view of Trencin castle from the promenade

morovy stlp trencinplague column in Trencin


To the forest park Brezina you can literally walk from the city centre. It is covering the area of 212,68 hectares and it is suitable for walking, mountain biking, walking with kids or dog or running. The park has the character of the forest, so you should consider wearing some leisure or sportswear, like these sweatshirts by Wearme.


Are you looking for some beaches and cocktails in your hand? Trencin can offer you even this! Vah river has made a big island in the middle of it, where you can freely go and enjoy Sunday afternoon. There is big playground for your kids, where they can play with other kids, while you are enjoying warm sunlight. You can play tennis here, mini golf, do water sports like kanoing or swimming. And if all these activities will get you hungry, you can enjoy tasty menu and refreshments in local restaurant „BASTA“. Emma had so much fun there and we were lucky and got chance to feed ducks, that have joined us on the tour.

Ostrovthe Island – great place for sunny afternoon

ostrov trencin wearmedo you want to feed some ducks?


The part of this island is camping area, where you can rent a bunk for a certain period of time and spend here nice moments with family or friends.



If you have too much energy on your own, visit the rope park, that is the part of the forest park Brezina, as well. This area is located right next to the Hotel Brezina and you can enjoy there two trails with 22 platforms from 5 to 10 meters above the ground. The entrance is for free, but if you want to use most of the equipment, you will need a guide.

tarzania trencinEmma in her comfy Slovak clothes by Wearme


From the rope park you can walk through the forest park Brezina towards to the amazing viewing platform, from where you will see the whole Trencin and surrounding towns. Follow the nature trail „Sever“ (eng. North), which is long 1407 meters with seven stops. The whole walk takes around 35 minutes and the trail will lead you through the history of the earth and forest park Brezina. You will learn about different local plants and trees and will see Trencin from bird perspective.

Trencianska vyhliadkaEnjoy the view as Emma did


From the other side of Trencin, there is significant sight, important for whole Slovakia. Pilgrimage site Skalka is the oldest one in the republic and you can visit it for free. For this adventure, you can walk from the city centre through small town Zamarovce or take a car. Skalka consist from two sites – Mala Skalka (small) and Velka Skalka (big).

Mala Skalka is the renovated church from 1208 and from here, the calvary starts with total of 14 stops. The church has been through many reconstructions and now looks really beautiful. From here, you will see Trencin from different angle and you can enjoy the view from the massive rock (just do not fall down, the rock is 20 meters high).

Velka Skalka is now going through reconstruction and you can enter it only with guide. Velka Skalka has been build in 1224 in Gotic style (3).

Skalka TrencinMala Skalka and its view

Mala SkalkaTrencin from different angle

Trencin is really beautiful town that is worth to visit any time, mostly but on summer time so you can enjoy everything, that has to offer. I really enjoyed the day in Trencin with Emma from Wearme and saw everything, that is worth to see. I can imagine going to Trencin for a weekend, enjoy myself with tasty espresso on the main promenade, walking around forest park and enjoying beautiful views from different angles.

I want to thank to Emma and Wearme company for showing me around. Wearme specialises for making the sport and leisure wear from material only from Slovakia. All Wearme clothes are comfortable and suitable for urban tourism and for outdoor recreation, as well. If you are looking for quality Slovak made clothes, visit and see, what they have. All clothes, that Emma wears on the pictures are made by Wearme.


(1) – 9.5.2015

(2) – 9.5.2015

(3) – 10.5.2015

Milan Bardun – because it is better to travel, than to arrive

*the parish stairs consist exactly from 88 stairs

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