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You will never stay hungry in Thailand. There is so many opportunities to eat anywhere, where you look and for quite reasonable price, you can full you belly anytime you want – it doesn’t matter whether is two in the morning or six in the afternoon, there is cheap food everywhere and anytime. Are you thirsty, do you want some meat or just fresh fruit? Then go out and walk few blocks. Some dishes many not seem tasty to you, but I can assure you, that all of them are unique and you must to taste them. Asian street food ain’t like any other. 


Pork Satay is famous Thai street food. For around 1 – 2 dollars you can have delicious pork (or chicken) on the stick, covered with amazing peanut butter sauce. Eventually you can have it with rice or potatoes, mostly in the restaurants. Pork satay has became my favorite food after I spent three weeks in Asia and on my last days, I ate only pork satay to remember its taste as long , as possible 😀 . Meat on the stick is very popular in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, where you can buy this (literally) anywhere where you look. It doesn’t have to be just satay, there are sausages available and fruits, as well.

pork satay


Delicious Pad Thai is typical Thai street food and there is so many ways, how it can be prepared. Generally, Pad Thai consist from vegetables, noodles, peanuts, lime and various kinds of meat. You can order Pad Thai with beef, pork or chicken, but the most typical is Pat Thai with shrimps. I ate so many Pad Thais in Thailand, but from my experience, if you order Pad Thai outside of Thailand, sadly it doesn’t have anything in common with it.

pad thai


As you will be walking through many markets, streets or promenades, you certainly will not miss stinky, raw fishes and meat, that is being attacked with flies and other unknown insects. I wasn’t brave enough to taste these specialties, but it may be tasty (with ketchup?) 😀

Bangkok street food


Coconut soup is known under Tom Kha Gai name and it consist from lime leaves, chicken meat, onion, mushrooms, coconut milk and other vegetables. The price can vary depending on the place, where you order it but generally it should not cost more than 1-5 dollars. Coconut soup is healthy and I did not mind to eat it in the hot weather, although the soup was hot, as well.  The taste is deep and very specific. There are many ways how the coconut soup can be prepared, sometimes is more white and there may be different ingredients but the taste should be the same.

Kokosova polievka


Yes. Even chickens are black! This one is called Silkie and it is the breed of the regular chicken, that originates from ancient China. Not even the skin is black, either bones and meat are scary dark. This special chicken is mostly used in Chinese cuisine, but can be also seen in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. I didn’t try this Silkie chicken, but I guess it tastes the same, as normal chicken. If you want to buy some, visit China Town in Bangkok and you will definitely find some Silkies.

Silkie kura


In Thailand you will never suffer with the lack of seafood. There is seafood everywhere and you can buy as many, as you want. In Europe we have enough of Apples, in Thailand they have enough of shrimps. If shrimps are too mainstream for you, try scorpions. Scorpions are  not typical Thai food, but tourists love it. Visit Khao San road and have cockroach, scorpion or tarantula. More about what is it like to eat scorpion in Thailand read in the article.

bangkok seafood

seafood bangkok


Yum! Fresh fruit is what I liked about Thailand, the most! You can have fresh oranges, orange juice, bananas, strawberries and the one and only – MANGO! Yes! Mango everywhere for ridiculous prices! You can have it one the stick, wrapped in paper just for one dollar! There are also young coconuts sold everywhere, so if you are thirsty, drink one or find some on the beach and open them on your own.

kokosove mlieko


Haha! Juices in bags are mostly known because of the movie Hungover and yes, they sell it in Thailand. You can have cola or fanta in bag and sip it as you walk through the streets. These drinks are extremely cheap and very fresh!

dzus v sacku


I haven’t heard of durian before I came to Thailand. Durian is extremely stinky fruit, that can not be brought to hotel rooms, public transportation vehicles or not even on planes. The stink is unbelievable but the taste is good. Do not worry, you will not smell that horrible stench, since the peel is peeled off, when sold. The taste of Durian is specific and I wouldn’t compared it to anything, that I have eaten before.  It is sweet and it has the butter consistency.


Thailand has rich culture that is walking hand in hand with food. You can try all of the dishes and listed above and enjoy Thai culture as much, as possible.

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